Create Quality Screen Capture Videos Using Free Software

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Create Quality Screen Capture Videos Using Free Software

Dear Reader.

It is a proven fact that something produced on video can fetch a higher price than the same information that is produced in a printed format. That is because it has a higher perceived value - and as an old friend of mine always used to say Perception Is Reality. I have learned over the years how true that statement is.

People have embraced the visual way of learning and you are at the front of a trend that is just beginning to explode. Just think about how much time people spend looking at sites like Youtube and Google Videos. Many are there to be entertained - but there are lots of people looking for information on those videos. Do you see how you can take advantage of this if you knew how to create your own videos? (Hint - Create videos to drive traffic to your sites).

You may also notice that many sales pages today have videos on them to show their videos how there product works or how it can help them . You can start doing that too. I show you how in these tutorial videos.

Selling instructional videos to a niche that is hungry for the information in those videos is as easy as falling off of a bike! Im dead serious.

The good part is that anyone can do this given the proper instructions. And there is more good news! You dont have to spend a dime on software to get started. You can get started using Freeware programs and upgrade to a software package after you make some money - if you want.

Now Is The Time To Get Started!!


I have created a four part video series that takes you through the whole thing - step by step - and I have included the links to download all of the free software you need to get you going. You will have links to a total of three different pieces of software that you will use to capture, edit and produce your videos.

There is nothing further to purchase!

In these videos you will learn the following:

How To Set Up the Screen Capture Software
Which Codec To Use To Get the Smallest File Size
How To Edit the Mistakes Out of Your Videos
How To Produce Your Videos In Three Different Formats
How To Embed Video In Your Website

Once you get these videos and follow the instructions you will be well on your way to creating quality videos that can easily make you a decent amount of cash.

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